måndag 8 juni 2015

Wedding cards

Last saturday was a very popular day for weddings here in Sweden. I know four couples who got married that day. I made wedding cards for two of those couples.
The first one was for a collegue at work and we bought a present from all of us at work and I made the card. The theme of the wedding was green and gold so I decided to stick to those colours in my card. I used a new fold which was abit tricky but I liked the result. I think it was very pretty.

The second card was for a weeding where I know both the bride and the groom. We are leaders together at a youth camp in the summers. All of the leaders from the camp wanted to congratulate them so I was asked to make a card. I thought it would be nice with a box-card with photos of them from the camp inside. I also used some lyrics from a song that we sing at the camp to make it even more personal. I think it turned out really pretty and I hope they like it.

the lyrics says: There is wealth more beautiful than stars, and you will find that in your heart. (by Tomas Boström)

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