måndag 26 januari 2015

One little elephant

When I saw this cute elephant stamp, I just couldn´t resist it, I love elephants :-)
The sentiment says " To far away for a hug"
I`ve used it on a card that I am sending to my brother and his family today. They have all fallen sick and I thought they should have a card as as a litte encouragment. I have filled it with lots of hugs :-)

fredag 23 januari 2015

A little gift

I miss crafting so much! It's been almost two weeks now since I injured my back and was not able to move properly. I had so many crafting ideas in my head and it's been so frustrating not beeing able to do them. But yesterday after a treatment by a naprapath, I felt better and decided to try to do something crafty. I made a triangle-box for a co-worker we were invited to today. A triangle-box is easy and quick to do and I really wanted to bring a gift today, so it was a good choice to start with.
The stamp, in swedish, says: some say happiness can't be bought with money, they have never tried chocolate. 
I filled the box with chocolate ofcouse :-) 

tisdag 13 januari 2015


Today I'm showing you a clean and simple card with a love theme. Valentine's day is coming up so I want to make some sweet cards for that. Just after I finished this card, my back totalt broke down. It's a really bad lumbago and I do feel abit sorry for myself :-( this means I can't do any crafting as it hurts both sitting and standing and laying..... I really hope it will get better soon.
Anyways, Sending you some love with this card and hoping you are well :-)
I´m entering this card in these challanges:

torsdag 8 januari 2015


Facebook is exploding of lovely triangel-boxes. It seems like everyone is making them right now. So I had to give it try as well. I made one for my parents and I filled it with candy. It was really easy to make and fun, and I love the result. As I only had like 5 minutes to make it, it´s not dekorated, but I don´t think it´s necessary. The boxes are beautiful the way they are:-) It was so fun to try something new and I think theyare so useful and versatile.

onsdag 7 januari 2015

Happy new year

It´s a new year and it´s the time for changes and new beginnings. That's also the case in the blog. Because I have visiters here from all around the world, I have decided to start writing my blogposts in English. When I visit different blogs I always appreciate when it's written in English so that I can understand.
I also join challenges from mostly English-speaking blogs, so that's another reason to start writing in English :-) 
One of those blogs with great challenges is Less is more and I am entering my first card of the year in their challenge to use black, metallic and one more colour.
I have used an embossingfolder on alutape to create the metallic focal image. It was difficult to get a good photo of it, that´s why I´m showing you two :-)

I wish you all a Happy New Year!