fredag 23 januari 2015

A little gift

I miss crafting so much! It's been almost two weeks now since I injured my back and was not able to move properly. I had so many crafting ideas in my head and it's been so frustrating not beeing able to do them. But yesterday after a treatment by a naprapath, I felt better and decided to try to do something crafty. I made a triangle-box for a co-worker we were invited to today. A triangle-box is easy and quick to do and I really wanted to bring a gift today, so it was a good choice to start with.
The stamp, in swedish, says: some say happiness can't be bought with money, they have never tried chocolate. 
I filled the box with chocolate ofcouse :-) 

3 kommentarer:

  1. Så fint Åsa! Den texten är verkligen underbar! Hoppas du blir helt bra i ryggen snart!

  2. Så skönt att kunna göra Någonting iallafall! Hoppas på god bättring med det snaraste!

    Och asken är ju jättefin!